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Is Robert Saleh the worst coach in the NFL?


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    • Yes
    • Yes, but only for this year until Urban Meyer concocts health problems

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5 minutes ago, freestater said:

You're one of the ******* idiots that ought to be banned. 

Thought I'd go ahead and spell that out because nuance doesn't seem to be your bag. 

So far 5 agrees and your crying about irrelevant nonsense

Dont come in the thread if youre not gonna post on the topic kid

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3 minutes ago, DonCorleone said:

Sadly, I think that your point is unarguable.

It's True... Rex and Tbum got the job done.. maybe no super bowl but they were competitive teams for the most part.. now I feel like I'm watching a team assembled with players that were released from all the other NFL teams..

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