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The worst that could happen is that we waste three hours of our lives watching the Jets. And that's never stopped me before. I'm ready.

Wearing my #28 for the first time in years. In honor of @Savage69. 🍻 First win today, boys! J! E! T! S!

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15 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

Know I haven’t posted much this regular season. Going thru a lot atm in real life. Just wanted to say I’m keeping up today and I’m hoping we get a decent turn out and some hope to cling to.

love you guys. Maybe we can snag an unexpected first W.

but probably not.

Hope all is well, man. Just remember that the Jets are not as important as whatever is going on in your real life. I hope whatever it is works out for you. ❤️

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1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

Why does every Jets O coordinator call the same plays in the same barren wasteland of situations.

Last guy we had that even sorta had a clue was Chan Gailey. 

Just awful every year.

Makes sense that was the last time we sniffed top 10 in O

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