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I don’t see how we don’t win today against the Bears . . . and we really need to win today because we only have 2 other teams of our remaining 6 games that also have losing records (Jaguars & Lions). If we win today and then worst case scenario only beat the Jaguars & Lions, we still finish the year with a winning record at 9-7 . . . which would be nice because we haven’t had a winning record since 2015 and that was our only winning season in the past 12 years (2010).

But to actually make the playoffs even as a wild card, we will probably have to win at least 1 (and more likely 2) of our remain 4 games against teams with winning records too (Vikings, Bills, Seahawks, Dolphins).

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1 hour ago, Rangers9 said:

I'm optimistic today still not sure if Fields will play for the Bears. It's a big factor. The team seems to be energized by the decision to start White over Zach. You'd think esp the Oline and D will come with their A game today. As for White he would not be starting they'd go with Flacco who didn't play poorly in his starts if he did not convince the CS he was ready and had good practices. Can the Jets have a more sustained and consistent offense with White today? A lot of it depends on White's ability to read the Bears D and not make mistakes which lead to turnovers. I think the Jets win today, 24-16. 

If the Chicago doctors let him play with a dislocated shoulder they should be fired. It's not just dislocated there is also ligament damage. And yes I know Emmitt played a half with a dislocated shoulder.

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4 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

He wasn't on injury report. Could be jets trying to avoid the 5th round comp pick while also getting knight a shot. 

Healthy scratch is strange I figured he was still banged up but maybe you are right.....honestly haven't been all that impressed with Robinson he's more of a redzone/short yardage type guy who can't catch the ball so I'm good with the move.

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