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10 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Ah yes, I remember the calls for leniency when Mike White was getting pummeled against the Bills despite getting the ball off in 2.57 seconds but, sure, let’s pre-apologize to Zach Wilson and his 3.09 time to throw if he faces pressure tonight against the mighty Jaguars defense. 

"I think you gotta take into account it's rainy as hell out there too, guys"

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9 hours ago, JiFields said:

yeah, more than ready, she's bad ass though,...she wants to have this all natural so she's just been waiting but they wont let her go past tomorrow, so it wont be long before we meet him either way but she really wanted to go natural, so for her sake, I'm really hoping my prediction is right and comes tonight...I think I can handle missing the game for that.  lol 

You should name the baby either "Zach" or "Trevor" depending on who wins tonight.

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9 hours ago, Rangers9 said:

I think whomever wins the turnover game gets the W tonight. Not sure what the final decision on Quinnen is even though our D played well without him he's huge, mostly double teamed and key to sacking the Qb. Zack played OK for 3 quarters last week for one quarter basically zilch. There were a lot of what ifs last game, if Zach doesn't throw that pick would we have won. It was a really bad throw. Look the Jags and Lawrence playing much better lately but we're due for a W and they've won 3 out of their last 4 when they were crushed by Detroit. We're better than them: Jets 24 Jags 17.

We don't ever seem to get turnovers (and we certainly can't recover fumbles) so I don't like our chances.

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9 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

First series 

1st down. Up the middle no gain

2nd down: Pass run option/run handoff 2 yard gain

3rd down: Wilson pass out to the sideline in 40mph wind. Misses WR by 4 yards

Punt (and with this wind and terrible punter, god knows how that will turn out)

We all know its coming lol

I think 40 MPH winds could (accidentally) help make ZW more accurate.  

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