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Interesting trade

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24 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

It's  interesting  how BB has been good at picking DB's over his career. 

HE has been good at finding free agent rookies and turning them into something.  His draft record is hit and miss.  Most recent example is Joewaun Williams from Vandy.  He could not buy his way onto the field.

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  • BB needs a capable CB to run his defense. 
  • He has a halfway decent QB and some other pieces.
  • Rather than just roll with the season and see what he can put together next year, he is working the roster so he can continue to compete for a playoff spot and keep things interesting in Foxboro for another three months.  
  • Pretty smart thinking to me.
  • The Jets could have/should have beat the Patriots.  I don't see them doing anything to be as competitive as possible in 2023.  Maybe that has to do with what they think of the QB, but if Zach can stack a few games, maybe they find a few pieces to bring in. 
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26 minutes ago, bitonti said:

the pats lost gonzalez and judon (torn bicep) the same week and that defense fell apart 

Wow, that's a huge blow, Losing both for the season. They have a chance to win one more all year and its against our favorite team.  Will Bill's hatred for the Jets cloud his judgment to not tank in that last game for the number 1 pick.

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