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### Jets vs Giants - The Official Game Thread ###


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15 minutes ago, Maxman said:

The bye week is over, the Jets are healthy, and it is game day. Jets vs Giants, and the Jets are going to roll.

It doesn't get any better.

Another big day coming up for the secondary. Zach is going to have big brother Aaron in his year, and Breece is going to have another big game.

Not much else to say, but there is one thing we want the Jets to do for us. 

Win. Win.  


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If we score within our first  possession or two and get a lead our defense will feast and we win this one convincingly. If we go down by 7-10 we have to wait till the second half and likely the 4th quarter to win. We likely win this one but I’m hoping to see this defense do what it was built to do. Close a game out and dominate the opposing offense after getting a lead. 

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Going to a family event. I'll be decked out in green, head to toe...surrounded by a sea of blue. I nickname this branch of our tribe "Marra's Midgets" these smurf like creatures limit game snacks to sliced veggies and low cal dip. Its disgusting. The maternal leader will no doubt ask "why the Jets play in their stadium"...I guess they are still pissed I stole my wife from their family lol.

Green 28

Blue 7



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On Paper we should win this game easily. 

But we are Jets fans and we should know better. We are HORRIBLE after the bye, and doubly so when we think we turn a corner.

I see us getting blown out early and make a respectable attempt at a comeback in the second half but ultimately fall short.

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