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Amos Released


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29 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

Came here to post this 

he’s looked good this year 

he's been good. can't tell if it's the limited role that he's in that is playing to his strengths or if it's an example of a player earning more playing time. It would be good to have an in house replacement for Whitehead but again, I don't have any idea if he could play a bigger role. 

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2 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

Not sure how to read into this? The veteran releases beginning under Tank Commander Boyle? Or simply freeing up playing time for Davis and Converse?


Ashtyn Davis is playing his best football as a pro.  More reps for Davis and perhaps (hopefully) a look at Trey Dean.  Amos was just kinda' there.  Not good.  Not bad.

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5 minutes ago, SickJetFan said:

ok so if so - is that because of all the hard coaching put into this player over time or a player improving over time on his own or miss managing of talent that was there all along?

i dont think its miss managing it. we all seen he wasnt good his 1st year. 

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7 hours ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Because joke all you want, Ashtyn Davis is actually playing very well. 

I’ve said it for the last two years.

He’s the only DB we have (besides Whitehead for a single game) that actually forces turnovers yet everyone wants to get rid of him.

Yes he’s a smoothbrain who misses easy, layup open field tackles in a full-time role. But when used as an extra, over the top safety who can roam around and seek the ball, he’s been a plus in limited duty.

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