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New Jets Mascot


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I am hearing the Jets will be adding a new Mascot (guy/gal in costume etc) in upcoming year. They will solicit fan votes/comments I am hearing.


Lets get a head start. Any ideas on a suitable Jets Mascot?


I will start (feel free to add photos as well):


Maybe a Pioneer ghost in Desert who died from thirst (to mimic all our glorious AFC/SuperBowl titles)



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Okay okay so obviously I'm being sarcastic. I don't think we need a mascot, I think we need offense and defense.

 We already have plenty of entertainment with the Johnson Brothers looking like little gray aliens wearing green ties and Jet baseball hats, we have fireman Ed, Adam Sandler, and the fat guy with the airplane hat AKA JetMan?

How about actually serving food that somebody would want to eat at an actual outdoor stadium event!? I think that would add to the whole experience!!

Sorry but a cranberry salad in the freezing cold that just doesn't do it for me... neither do Falafel balls , or Bavarian chocolate fondue over rice squares!

How about a nice bratwurst and a beer, hard hits and wins?

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