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40 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

The only explanation is that the kid is being managed and protected from on high by his management team and Saleh—very publicly—ran Zack through the paces this week in practice so everyone sees that Wilson is a healthy scratch.

If that’s truly the case, and why wouldn’t it be?  Then Wilson is going to lose respect from the entire team….quickly.

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6 minutes ago, Lith said:

Wasn't enough for me.  I really want to feel hopeful, but seeing the team look exaclty like they have for most of the last 10 years worth fo fall Sundays.  Nope, defnitely not enough for me.  I was hopeful in the summer.

It’ll only take about 2 drives for that all to get pulled from me and back to square one of full blow hating them again. 

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38 minutes ago, Lith said:

What is so frustratng is that I really thought this team would be better.  The D was solid last week, but the O was defintely SOJ stuff,  Adding Tomlinson to the OL, AVT would be a year better, upgrading the TE room, top 4 WRs of Wilson, Moore, Davis and Berrios.  Carter and Hall in the backfield.  We should be much better on O.  I don't think the OL was the complete dumpster fire that others do, but last week looked an awful lot like the inept offenses that we have sat through for most of a decade.  I keep telling myself Flacco was the main problem.  But last week's inept offense was so damn frustrating to watch.  And Flacco is starting again today.


I thought they’d rally around the veterans but it seems like the veterans are kinda checked out. The lack of aggression and basic want-to has kinda been there all summer, and we saw that in the preseason—the only time the offense showed life was when the kids came in. The story of the Baltimore game was Flacco, Fant, Corey Davis, and Tomlinson each taking turns killing the team. If they can’t rely on vested vets, they’re doomed.

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