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Poll: Who do you want to be our starting QB for the Giants' game?

Poll: Who do you want to be our starting QB for the Giants' game?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to be our starting QB for the Giants' game?

    • Zach Wilson
    • Trevor Siemian (or even Tim Boyle)

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  • Poll closed on 10/29/2023 at 04:00 PM

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Is this even a question? There's no point in changing the QB unless they're actively losing you games, and the Jets are coming off of a 2 game win streak. Plus, this is a chance for Zach to show he can improve statistically as well. If he can, this is the game to do it.

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I believe Wilson should start.

I also want to see him start a few more games to get a better gauge on his progress.

But I would not hand the reins to him for the rest of the season if he can’t get the job done (scoring points).


Bills:  He did pretty well

Dallas:  Strong early despite horrible OL play.  Horrible in 4th quarter 

Pats:  God awful throughout

Chiefs:  Best game as a pro

Broncos:  Sloppy w/ ball security, couple big throws late before the Int

Eagles:  Game manager— let down by penalties, drops, play calling in the red zone

Zach needs to prove he can become consistent, start to make some big plays and put points on the board.  

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Let's be honest.  Whether you like Zach or not, you know benching him for Siemian at this point would be a joke, and would basically be saying "I know you've made progress, and there's a chance you could keep getting better and develop into our long-term starter, but instead I'm going to throw that away for a guy that - at best - will be slightly better than what you've been.....but with our luck probably worse"


You bench Zach at this point for Trevor ******* Siemien, you might as well cut him because he'll have zero future here.  

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I don’t see Semen as a good enough upgrade to start. Just keep it as is at this point with AR helping Zach out. Again, they should have never been in this situation but the silver lining is that Zach looks salvageable as a backup if he can improve a bit more.

I imagine he’ll be the backup next year with how stubborn this team is so he needs to get better. The redshirt year would have been ideal but since he’s stuck getting live reps, at least we are seeing progress. If AR goes down next year, we need a competent Zach Wilson if that’s possible. It’s at least moved in that direction. 

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3 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

This is not about who will start but rather who you want to start.

I have this idea.  If the Jets trainers can treat Joe with Flex-all 454, I'd vote for him to start vs. the Giants.  Joe said himself he'd ask for his old job back. 




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