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If he couldnt win in the ****ty AFCW this season, how is going to win in the competitve AFCE?

HE couldn't win, how can you win when your defense is one of the worst in the league? How about NO ONE could win with this kind of defense?

DID HE HAVE A RUNNING GAME? ("He" sure beat the sh-- out of us when Peyton Hillis went berserk, didn't "he"?)


Look at his numbers as compared to Brady's over the same stretch at the beginning of their careers. They are comparable.

I would take him in a heartbeat and Denver would be foolish to let him go. Since when does a QB have to be Miss Congeniality? Please find an instance, one anecdote where he threw a hissy fit and it cost his team.

He's an idiot. Everyone knows it. Watch the NFL Network Live Wire on him. The kid has a screw lose and doesnt not demand the respect of his teamates.

The bottom line is, if you trade for Cutler, you are trading for a losing QB that couldnt win a division in which the top team was .500.

All they had to do was win 1 of their last 3 games. During that 3 game losing streak, Cutler threw 4 INT's and 2 TD's. He was aweful and they choked away the division.

Would I welcome him, yes, his talent is undeniable. Do I think he instantly would make us a playoff contender let alone a SB contender, not a chance.

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What is this "he's got something to prove" nonsense? This isn't the 2nd grade. He is as good as he is. No more, no less. His desire to not be crappy does not matter.

According to his wonderlic scores and the people around here he's apparently got the intelligence of a 2nd grader, but how many wins do either Clemens or Ratliff have to anoint them the "savior of the franchise". The guy can play football. When was the last time he took the field since his fallout? Zero. Point being, if he's a professional who wants to play and be a starter he has something to prove. He would want to prove that he is worth the value of the 3rd pick of the draft, worth of the hype and wasn't a total bust moving out of a college game into the NFL game. Finally, being presented an opportunity to start is a chance to achieve the overall goal of winning a championship. Its a huge motivational tool. Most recent examples of that could be Randy Moss moving from Oakland to New England and removing the label of him being washed up and a locker-room headcase who played whenever he wanted. Also Chad Pennington moving to Miami for the purpose of yes, sticking it to the Jets last season and proving that he could still is a viable starting QB. If you do not think athletes emotions and feelings do not play a HUGE role in the legacy they build for themselves, and how it motivates them then this argument shouldn't even continue.

I didn't say emotions don't play a part. I'm saying that he doesn't play DT or OG. Emotion isn't going to make him a good NFL QB.

Moss and Pennington are terrible examples. Moss wasn't a looney or stupid. He was just lazy when he was younger & then hated being on the Raiders. But he's not dumb at all. Pennington was the same player this year that he (generally) always was for the Jets. The difference was that the OC was more on the gutsy side. But he's still a play-it-safe QB who crumbles against tough (read: playoff) defenses or when he has to get into a shootout.

I couldn't even begin to surmise the absurdity of comparing win totals under Clemens (who I don't think much of at this time) and Young. If they both played for the same team then you could compare the two. They were in different situations on offense, with different defenses & ground games supporting them, and with different coaches. In their respective roles, neither has shown to be the apple of anyone's eye other than that of their mothers.

The motivation aspect is dismissed because I'm sure Clemens has the same amount of "something to prove" in his mind that Young does. He was a high draft pick who hasn't lived up to expectations. If anything he has more to prove because, unlike Young, he hasn't had a big payday.

He "won" because the defense & special teams bailed his ass out of many games. Which is to say that the team won in spite of the crappy play of their QB.

He "won" on a team anchored by a strong defense and special teams. Ok, so what your saying is that the Jets aren't building their team around a defensive minded head coach and arguably their best coach on staff is Westoff? In addition, we do have Leon Washington returning kicks and is a pro-bowler, and before him had Justin Miller again another former special teams pro-bowler. Point being VY could be given the keys to the car and said "you can start the car, pull it out the driveway and drive around the block. But only in the case of an emergency, you can drive somewhere." (i.e. game winning drives or where the running game is thwarted) I can state firmly that at this point of their careers VY provides more of a offensive threat than Kellen Clemens or Brett Ratliff. Again, I'm not a fan of either of the two and I'm fine with an open competition, it is simply me having doubts about both of them being viable starters. Clemens did nothing to impress in 2007 and at this juncture of his career Ratliff is a preseason hero of 2008.

I cannot translate your keys to the car analogy & doubt many here can.

Let me rephrase or restate: if a team has won games in spite of the bad play of their QB, the one player you should not be seeking from that team is the QB.

And let's not make it out as though the Titans had back-to-back 12+ win seasons with Young. They went 8-6 and then 9-6 in games where Young took most of the snaps. Young was demoted in favor of has-been Kerry Collins last year & then they went 12-3.

To make matters worse, Young was a much worse QB in his 2nd year than as a rookie. In other words, he became EASIER to gameplan against rather than more difficult now that teams had some game film on him. 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions when he already had a year of playing time under his belt? The freakin' Bengals held him to 42 yards. That's passing, not rushing.

He also got a lot less dangerous running with the ball, which is supposed to be what separates him from guys who can actually pass well.

He's an imbalanced head-case with the brains of a coffee bean. Add to that a massive ego from his college accomplishments. Further, his salaries are $7.5M in 2010 and $8.5M in 2011. And above all that, he is terrible.

I thought you said later in the thread its 2.5 mil.

Listen, I know alot of people could think of it as a ridiculous idea but especially with a HUGE question mark at QB we have this season, buying a players stock low and it yielding what could be a potentially high reward could be worthy of a shot. There is a reason why he was the 3rd player selected in 2006 and the first QB taken. Higher than the mirage Jay Cutler that we can't and won't acquire from the Broncos. Higher than Matt Leinhart, yes a bust of a QB who can't get off the pine in Arizona unless Warner leaves (only labeled a bust because he struggled against playing the NFC West and faltered with all of the weapons around him).

The reason he got drafted 3rd is because the Titans reached massively for him. I couldn't believe they took him, and neither could a lot of others. I would have been less surprised to see him drafted 20th.

Then they started winning games. In some cases, no matter how badly he played, Tennessee still won. As a rookie: weeks 6, 8, 11, and 15 (not to mention Kiwanuka's gift in week 12). Then in 2007: weeks 1, 5, 8, 9, 16 he was crap. Week 17 he split the snaps with Collins against the Colts' 3rd-stringers who weren't exactly throwing everything & the kitchen sink at him. And his only start of 2008, the same thing.

So what is that total, a minimum of 10 of the 18 games Tennessee won with Vince Young he was crappy. Two more came from gifts (one from Kiwanuka, and one from Indy just going through the motions before they took all their starters out).

That is hardly an endorsement for Vince Young. He blows.

Also look whose at the controls of our team, the "glorified accountant" Tannebaum. One week everybody hates him, the next he's a god for the signings. But most importantly Woody Johnson would love nothing more than putting fannies in the stadium than having what could potentially be an electric player in Young. Favre was last years example. The only case where bringing him in would be a problem is how he handles the media. If they follow the ball control, tough D and strong special teams play mentality then when would he have to deal with the media.

Ridiculous. Winning puts fannies in the seats. And I don't give a crap what makes Woody happy. I care about making me & my fellow Jets fans happy. I care about winning. Favre is 10x the fan-draw that Vince Young is. Don't kid yourself. One is an all-time great HOF QB. The other is a formerly great college player in a metro area that (for the most part) doesn't give a crap about college football.

I'm just saying this, many of us here aren't sold on Clemens or Ratliff. Others aren't even sold on drafting a QB like Sanchez at 17 because of numerous reasons. Most of these reasons revolve around the theme of experience. Young has that and I think some people on the board are realizing the possible personnel nightmare that Young could provide with the pieces we have.

I'm not sold on those guys either. But I think one of them may be a good QB this year or someday. Vince Young will never be. His experience is worthless; he got worse with more experience. He does the same thing over & over. Look for the primary receiver...if he's not wide open then tuck & run. Our divisional opponents have slightly better defensive minds than he faced in the AFC South. You seriously think that Vince Young is going to keep BB (and Sparano or Parcells or whoever actually runs the show in Miami) up late nights giving him fits? Get real.

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OK, let's just put the obvious fact aside that Young is a poor QB that has regressed in every season he played, and his team instantly and vastly improved with a geriatric bearded has been at the helm when Vince hit the bench. Let's just put all that aside for a moment.

This is a man that went driving off in his car with a gun, leading his team to believe he was a danger to himself and notify the authorities because he could not handle the Nashville Tennessee media. Now you want to bring him to NY? To the same fanbase that basically put their foot in the ass of one of the greatest media revered players in the history of the game? If Vince Young plays for 5 minutes on the NY Jets I can assure you we would find his body splatted all over broadway after he jumps off a high rise thanks to the blasting he's gonna get around here. NY has no patience for weak minded pussies, and they will eat Young alive.

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Vince Youngs cheerleading inspired the Titans this season. How you people can't see that is beyond me.

As Blackout will tell you he's a lock for the HOF.

Who is a better towel waver?

Chad Pennington or Vince Young?

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From RotoWorld.com Mar. 10 - 8:33 pm et

According to CBS 4 Denver, Jay Cutler spoke with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and coach Josh McDaniels via conference call Monday, but no "buttering up" of Cutler went on. McDaniels reportedly "made it clear to the quarterback how the team will be run," and how Cutler will fit into the Broncos' plans. The rookie coach also said he doesn't anticipate trading Cutler, but that "players are being constantly evaluated and could be traded if management thinks it will make the team better." The organization is taking a hard-line stance with its franchise quarterback. Now they'll hope he reports for March OTAs.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. Sounds like, based on the tone of the how things reportedly went, that it's possible McDaniels could have further alienated the sensitive Cutler? We'll see.

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I have to say this was a smart move, you have to establish who is in control early on as a rookie HC with no resume

if you give in to cutlers crying, there will be a line outside of your office door that stretches down the hall around the corner of whiny bitches

btw, a "sensitive" QB ? ****in grow up little lady, this is a billion dollar business of violence on display

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I think the fact that they met by conference call instead of a "face to face" meeting might be very telling. To me, that would have been the correct thing to do as a rookie head coach, not a phone call. We'll see over the next few weeks.

One thing's for sure. While Belichick's reputation as one of the game's greatest "X's and O's" strategists no doubt help many of his assistants get opportunities they would not otherwise get, his lack of people skills also tend to rub off very negatively on those same coaching pupils. He may be an excellent teacher to players, but his surly disposition and lack of people skills do not serve as good examples for his assistants aspiring to get head coaching jobs.

Weis, Mangini, Crennel, and now McDaniels.

If you're going to piss off as many people as Belichick does, you better win quickly or it won't last too long.

It seems none of these guys have learned that lesson yet.

This could blow up very quickly for McDaniels if Cutler decides he's wants out of Dodge and makes trouble to expedite the exit.

I mean, geez, wait till he drops his first snap in practice and McDaniels makes him run a lap.

Oh, boy.

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What a stupid son of a bitch.

I think most rookie head coaches would kill to step onto a team that has a bona-fide franchise QB that hasn't even hit his prime. Not this moron...the first thing he does is completely alienate him by trying to trade him for a system scrub with half his talent or production.

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What a stupid son of a bitch.

I think most rookie head coaches would kill to step onto a team that has a bona-fide franchise QB that hasn't even hit his prime. Not this moron...the first thing he does is completely alienate him by trying to trade him for a system scrub with half his talent or production.

he's the Tracy McGracy/Grant Hill of QB's

he won't be ****

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What a stupid son of a bitch.

I think most rookie head coaches would kill to step onto a team that has a bona-fide franchise QB that hasn't even hit his prime. Not this moron...the first thing he does is completely alienate him by trying to trade him for a system scrub with half his talent or production.

Agreed. Why make a big problem where there isn't one? I think McDaniels made a huge mistake with this situation and will regret it down the road.

Just my opinion.

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