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Anyone see the chic do the back handed d!ick grab during tonights game?


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I saw it live! I said to my wife "did she just grab his junk". I rewinded my DVR and sure enough. I love this chic!  :)  Now it's on deadspin.




And now in super super super slow motion

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This is an OUTRAGE!

Expect a news conference and apology by Roger Goodall tomorrow!

A lawsuit by Gloria Allred for allowing the NFL to show public obscenities with a minor testifying.

A fine by the FCC.

A sexual harassment claim by the man against that broad.

Some one has to accept responsibility .

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I wonder when their cell phones started blowing up ?  when did they realize they were in a whole new world ?


I bet the guys messages were a lot different than the girls.


guys friends :  duuuuuude I saw you on the internet getting you junk grabbed by ______ !!!!  that was so friggin hilarious !!!!  HAHAHAHAHA  duuuuuude that was the BEST FALCONS GAME EVER !!!!!!!11


girls friends : honey, that was gross. the whole world saw you touch it !   ewwww !!!!!! did your dad see you touch it ?

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