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****The official Jets/cheaters game thread****

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I posted a pic in the game thread of my pup, Layla, last week, and the result was great. So, I figured I’d try it one more time. So today, me and my dog, are going to watch Jamal and his dawgs, p

“They say it can’t be done They say we have no chance  Well let me tell you something  Any man can be beat on any given day “ LaDainian Tomlinson 1/18/11    

Gase might be bad, but at least he’s not the one puking out these wretched Star Wars sequels 

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

Crazy part is Sam always throws off his back foot and is usually accurate doing it.

He does a lot and a lot of people marvel over it but it's bad for him to do it even when it works out. This is why we needed to surround him with talent on O because he has a ton of bad habits he's not going to learn to break with a weak unit around him

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1 minute ago, deucebag said:

Thats so not true, ur exaggerating and obviously just want to be a dick.

Very true-No WRS, 2nd worst rated O-Line in the league, and worst TE group in the league. So yes it was terrible but good players still find ways to make plays and win games 

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2 minutes ago, Aussie Jet said:

The blitz didn't even get to Sam. He could have manoeuvred around to buy himself time. His capacity to extend plays has completely deserted him. It is all mental.

That's the scary part...

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4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

On the other hand, Gase has one job and that’s to get Sam Darnold to not suck. 

Sure, but that isn't going to be decided tonight anymore then it was last week and we were inudated with threads about how much better Sam was then every young QB besides Lamar

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