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How will rain effect Jets Raiders


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1 hour ago, Losmeister said:

Sam's INT % is more than 2x that off Carr... and he doesnt have to throw on 3rd and long often...

This game is a wildcard, imho...   anything might happen

He had 7 picks in 2 bad games vs good defenses (NE and Jacksonville). 

In the other 5 games, he has 3 picks in total. The Raider's defense is meh at best. 

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2 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

Looks like it’s Gona be a rainy and windy day with also lots of rain prior to game time. Gut tells me that forces the raiders to run more which is a plus for us, on the other hand we may have to run more which hasn’t been such a plus. Thoughts?


 It should be dry for most of the game and the winds are not going to be all that strong.   

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1 hour ago, SAR I said:

In his 88 game career, Derek Carr is 1-9 on the road in non-dome cold weather stadiums from late November through December. 


The one win was in Denver in 2015 and it was sunny, 45 degrees, no wind.


Which in typical Jets fashion means he throws 6 TDs and Raiders win 42-14.

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