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Three biggest differences in Zach Wilson's game today


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6 minutes ago, AFJF said:

1) Did not bail from clean pockets.  Hung in there and went through progressions.  This was HUGE!

2) Located open receivers (kinda' basic, but hasn't been the case in recent weeks)

3) Used his legs.  Didn't run for 180 like Justin Fields, but even one or two first downs per week with his legs will give defenses one more thing to think about.  Has to take advantage of every tool he has and his athleticism is one of them.

Lemme guess... nothing in the post has anything to do with the OC also being better....?

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Kid was good enough today. Missed a couple throws and made a couple nice throws. Only real mistake he made was letting Von  Miller blind side strip sack him ( like that’s never happened before) .  

I think Zack is gonna be fine. Just gonna take a little longer than Maholms or Herbert did. 

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4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

This is it. This is the barometer. Just run the play


Buffalo has a great defense but it’s apparently more predictable than New England’s defense. Apparently New England was showing one defense then switching to another the second the play began confusing Zach and taking away a lot of these short game control throws making Zach have to beat them with explosives if he can hang in the pocket that long. Zach and the Jets have not figured out how to beat New England’s defense yet. The Bills don’t play a confuse the QB game. They flat out play hard nosed football and are pretty darn good at it but if the Jets didn’t turn the ball over and took what Buffalo was giving and if the Jets called and played almost the perfect game they could possibly win and they did and it worked. Great game plan. 

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18 minutes ago, Anthony Jet said:

Missed the game. Heard last drive on the radio. How’d he look?

Wasn't asked to do much.  Jets decided to run down the clock and run the ball down Buffalo's throat.  He did hit Mims on a key pass on 3rd down but that was about it.  

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19 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

Love you bud but I apparently watched a different game, kid was bad real bad we win despite of him.  Love this team hate Wilson.

Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. To me he passed the eye test today and put up a 101 rating. Did exactly what we needed him to do. His two worst plays were slightly high incomplete passes. That’s saying something against one of the best teams in the NFL. 

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14 minutes ago, PorP said:


The only bad I really play from Zach today was the crappy pass to Mims on the 3rd down. 

Very different Zach and MLF today. 

It’s funny you write this. Had my sons hockey game today. Only got to hear a little of the first and the last drive. Only 2 passes I heard were the missed 3rd down and the converted both to Mims. 

on the radio they said it was high by ML says he thought Mims should’ve came down with it. 

Was wondering how Zach looked but a lot of them guys that are real hard on Zach seem to be saying he did well. So he had to play alright 

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