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Zach is THE Starter


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3 minutes ago, EM31 said:

if we could pick up even an average NFL QB then Wilson would be out as the starter in a heartbeat.  Problem is finding one.  Maybe Foles.

The best option on what is out there is probably Carson Wentz, and that isn't saying much.  I mean, you couldn't write the Hollywood screenplay any better than Tom Brady coming to the franchise he hates and who hates him, and he brings a Super Bowl.  But it ain't happening.

I think the only one you could legitimately trade for is Jameis Winston, given what is going on in New Orleans.  But you can be damn sure they will want a LOT for him, given the circumstances.

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Barring any more catastrophic injuries such as we had in Denver last year, this team can still compete for a division title with ZW. The skills and D are that good. Also have superior ST's. Remember, we were winning (7-3 I think) last year until we lost all of our skill players. Look, our pass blocking is not great so having Zach be as mobile as he is can only help. Looking at the bright side, we will use a lot of TE and RB plays with our skill players. Hopefully the OL will improve the more they play together.

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I mean, it makes sense.  Especially now that we have our 1st back in a QB rich draft.  Hand the keys to Zach and it's sink or swim.  If he succeeds, great.  You salvaged a 2nd overall pick.  If he fails, he's gone - simple as that.  Year 3 with the amount of talent we have, there's no more excuses.  


If he does fail, Rodgers will have a new protege next season....assuming he doesn't retire.  

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1 hour ago, Dunnie said:


No vet will be coming in to supplant him outright. The team will bring in a backup.


Let's get behind this kid and support the hell out of him.


... that is all.


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Your dick got sooooooooo hard when you saw Rodgers go down, didn't it.

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3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

I predict that the Cowboys upcoming game is the last time we’ll see Zach Wilson throw a pass for the New York Jets organization.

I'm going out on a ledge, and say the Cowboys game is going to be a different Zach Wilson.  I don't think it's going to be conservative because they have too many fast linebackers and rushers.  I expect a down the field attack, coupled with the running game.  It's the only way Wilson can play.  So I think they will take a couple of shots down the field early.  

If it succeeds, he'll have a good game.  If not, the traffic in here is going to be crazy with complaints.  I don't think they can go with the conservative game manager style with him because he doesn't have it in him.  It has to be a vertical offense, or garbage offense.  I think they take the shots down the field before they are down big to see if they can establish himself.  If he can hit those shots, I think people will be surprised by Wilson next week.  

But I was also up until 3 am last night because the let down was so big, that I just couldn't even sleep.  

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