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Super Bowl Picks


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Might as well get this started....


Key to this game is whether the Pats run defense can stop Lynch early in the game. If they can't, then not only will Seattle dominate TOP and keep the ball away from Brady, but it will open up play action passes for Russell Wilson and will probably lead to less of a pass rush from New England.


If they can, then the Pats can start to really pressure Wilson and keep the ball for themselves on offense.


I think the Pats will move the ball on offense, but they need to do what Green Bay couldn't and score TDs not FGs. 


Pats run defense this postseason has been giving up 4.7 yards per rush.


I think the Pats will score some TDs, but I don't think they will have the ball enough times due to their run defense,


Thus- Hawks 28

         Pats 21

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My wife is gonna kill me for saying this...  but Seattle will shut down Brady and the Pats.  Brady of old would have won this game, but his accuracy and timing are good enough to beat most teams, but wont beat this Seattle defense.  Pats line will crumble under the Seattle pressure causing Brady to throw it all over the place.  Pats D wont know how to deal with Wilson and will get beat deep when the commit to stopping the run.  Its not going to be high scoring, but Seattle wins this 23-13.

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Seahawks 37 Patriots 24

Russel Wilson does enough to help the hawks win at quarterback

Richard Sherman picks Shady Brady off twice.

The Seattle Defense rattles Brady and gets him out of rhythm at quarterback. 

All the Jets fans will rejoice once again Sunday night knowing the fact that the Patriots lost and Revis doesn't have a super bowl ring.


SB MVP: Richard Sherman

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