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Gase's excuse thread, week 2


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Just now, BornJetsFan1983 said:

Man I'm watching the game and the crazy thing we are playing all back ups. And gase is still afraid to throw to the line of scrimmage

I formation and single back play action.  Does Gase have a learning disability that causes him to think the score is tied or something?

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43 minutes ago, Embrace the Suck said:

There are none. They were flat out not competitive at all. You can accept that you'll lose to a very good team, but you should still be competitive. Getting blown out by the 2nd and 3rd string the way they have, while showing nothing, isn't acceptable.

Yeah at least we'll coach game your looking like if there was better talent you could see a world where you are winning...we could have all stars out there and they would get killed

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Gase has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a terrible coach and is incapable of developing Darnold.  His track record as a HC in 4+ years speaks for itself and the players that have moved on from Gase's system have flourished all over the league also speaks volumes.  On the other hand, Danold In his 2+ years as a pro, has shown enough to deserve a shot with a legitimate coach to take him to the next level.  Remember, he's still the 2nd youngest starting QB in the NFL. Gase needs to go.  Now.

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