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Todd McShays latest mock is out, Fields to New England!


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9 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:


McShay is close buds with Douglas and is convinced the Jets will trade out of 2

I think you and others put too much stock into that, for one the fact that both Todd and Mike were both high on Darnold, wouldn’t be a good look if the #1 rated prospect on their board is booted from his team after 3 seasons.


They will likey die on that Darnold hill until Draft day ?‍♂️

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wow its all about the clicks these days. 

Literally in November todd McShay was on ESPN saying htat Fields could go #1

After the greatest performance in college football history he drops to 15?

The absurd disrespect for fields is mind numbing. 

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Some people start a mock with a specific goal in mind.  "How can I get Justin Fields to the Patriots" for example.

Back in the real world, Justin Fields is a top-5 pick 100 times out of 100 (barring something unexpected between now and April).  And I don't believe NE has the capital to move up high enough to draft him there.  

However, if Wilson drops to 8 or so, I could see them trying to make a move.  I'm just not sure CAR wouldn't take him there though.  

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