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2 minutes ago, stoicsentry said:

This offense is like when you're just screwing around playing Madden and you decide to do flea flickers and just run around behind the line of scrimmage aimlessly and see how long you can do it without getting tackled.

Actually that might be a more productive gameplan.

I get better results running the punt return formation every play.

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2 minutes ago, Jackie Treehorn said:

This can’t all be due to bad players? Can someone who knows the game tell me how much of this is on the players and how much is on the coaches?

This is a bad roster

We have this cocky mindset we can “coach em up”

I have no idea this teams direction

Winning football games does not seem to be the first priority 

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6 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

This is why you don’t trade up in R1 for a guard. Too many holes, and as nice a player as AVT is, he’s making zero difference because he’s surrounded by terrible JD decisions.

I almost vomited when I heard what they gave up for this move. JD is clueless.

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