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PFF Grades: Week 2


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Interesting, not a big PPF but either way, I just shared that I thought JFM played terrible but gave Echols love.  Felt like JFM was pushed around all game long.  Just looked at the box score, he didnt record a single tackle but did have 1 QB hit.   Wonder what they saw that I didnt.

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8 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:


I wonder what Flacco's grade would've been had the Browns run out the clock instead of scoring that last TD.  In the final 2 minutes of the game, Flacco was gifted a 66 yard TD and he got another nice chunk of yardage and a 2nd TD after the onside kick.  

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Flacco played well on the last drive, But he really wasn't elite all game. He missed a bunch of receivers and went to the wrong guy a few times. 

PFF supposedly doesn't give extra to QBs making throws they should make, so I wouldn't think the throw to Davis should count for all that much because he was wide open.


Curious about the Sauce grade too. Feels like he wasn't beaten too bad all game, scores seem to be totally divorced from what happened in the game. 

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Looked like they had Sauce playing off coverage on most of the Cooper catches.

He has to be able to do whatever they ask obviously.

But might have been more successful yesterday allowing him to play press man.

Brissett was getting whatever he wanted for 59 mins until Ashtyn Davis slammed the door.

Also, Brisset looked way more nimble and elusive than he actually is.  Need to find a way to get hands on him and bring him down.

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