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3 minutes ago, usanyj said:

I also think davis was hit very early on the interception 

Yup.  Still shouldn’t have tossed it into the air, but it doesn’t help when you have a defender draped across your back before the ball has come your way.

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1 minute ago, xJayce said:

Pass to Wilson was on the money. WR needs to catch that.

Following pass to Moore was on the money, but Moore forgot to get his feet in.

Add a couple penalties against Davis (and a drop)... the playmakers are not making plays.

Pass catchers need to get their heads out of their butts and start playing.


It wasn't on the money. Would've been a great catch and then the defender was right there to make sure it wasn't happening. 

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4 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

Complaining about officiating is for pussies.

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Acting like they aren’t relevant is ignorant because you can acknowledge and have an intelligent conversation about it, and reverting to name calling is a sign of insecurity especially in an online platform where you can hide behind a mask of an internet tough guy as there are little real world consequences.

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