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2 minutes ago, fullblast said:

Refs got the memo on how aggressive the Jets secondary is and came in with an agenda. They set the tone in the first quarter and the Vikings offense feasted after that.

Yet they have allowed the Vikes' DBs to be aggressive. Don't mind them calling it tight. But when you call it tight on one team and not the other, then you're just being biased.

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The Vikings weren’t 2 TDS better than the Jets in the first half but they were better. They haven’t given any indication that things will change much the rest of the game. You can’t blame the Minny D for giving up a 60 yard FG at end of half. But you never know Jets will need some help (turnovers) and Jets skill position players to make big plays. 

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1 minute ago, xJayce said:

Pass to Wilson was on the money. WR needs to catch that.

Following pass to Moore was on the money, but Moore forgot to get his feet in.

Add a couple penalties against Davis (and a drop)... the playmakers are not making plays.

Pass catchers need to get their heads out of their butts and start playing.


I think both things are true.  There have been drops but White hasn’t always been sharp either 

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