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Wes Welker? Seriously?


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15 hours ago, nyjunc said:

He was talked about like he was a premiere WR, he wasn't.  He was a glorified RB playing WR.  You can't replace guys like Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, you can easily replace guys like Wes Welker regardless of the numbers.  Tom Brady was able to win SBs with average talent around him 6 tubes was, he couldn't win with Wes.


Welker never ripped us apart. Tom Brady ripped us apart.  Welker basically had one great game against us in all the years be played us and it came in a blowout NE win in 2009. Not counting his 1st yr where he barely played on O.  He played 16 games against us.  He had only 3 100 yd games, he scored only 4 TDs, had more than 7 recs one time.  


But yeah, he tore us apart?




Oh I see so NOW stats matter. :rl:

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 The PAts miss more often than they hit like everyone else.  

They have around 15 draft picks to play around with every year.

The Pats never know who the starters will be before week 4. Especially at WR. They also never pick in the top of the 1st round. 

Smart money maximizes assets and never predetermines outcomes.

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