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Jets' Offseason Workout Program Kicks Off Monday: MERGED

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7 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

When did we bring in Stacy Coley?

I actually liked him quite a bit when he played for the Hurricanes.

Signed him to a futures contract right after the season ended.

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48 minutes ago, KRL said:

Thanks KRL.

From those photos I had some takeaway’s. *Deontae Burnett is a young man of slight stature. He’d better be quick twitch or great route runner or DeSean Jackson lite.

* Brandon Shell is a big dude. Hope he’s healthy and ready to go come camp.

* Bell looks like he can get back to playing shape quickly. I also hope muscle memory will take over to get back to where he was 2 seasons ago.

* Is it me or does Sammy look like he’s been hitting the offseason weight program. Shoulders wider & chest broader( or he got fat ☹️) tough to tell from photos. 

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20 minutes ago, jetsons said:

LB Brandon Copeland

I guess I know what Copeland values. 🙂… "If that's not something of value to you, then don't chase it."

Obviously Copeland uses that ghetto box in place of weights. Must be the music 🎶 It’s his Secret Weapon.


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I like this idea of not having a "rookie mini camp" immediately following the draft.  I always wondered how productive those things were, especially when, obviously, none of the rookies could have had the playbook for more than a few days before the camp....if at all.

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I wonder if KO will be there.  He was posting on Twitter from Japan as late as Saturday. 

I guess if you booked a vacation before you were traded, it's a legit excuse to miss the first couple of days.

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1 hour ago, Jetmech said:


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Him being there speaks to his character he may not be super talented but props to him for showing up

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Proper attitude you want to hear from Mosley:



After being labeled a “culture-changer” by Jets head coach Adam Gase, linebacker C.J. Mosley certainly didn’t disappoint in his first public appearance since becoming the NFL’s highest-paid inside linebacker.

“When I talked to Coach Gase, I told him that I’m not coming here to lose,” Mosley said just moments after the Green & White unveiled their new uniforms at Gotham Hall. “And I’m sure the new coaching staff didn’t come here to lose either. You can see with the additions they added in the offseason.”

Mosley had a number of suitors on the open market, but the Jets opened up their checkbook and got him to move north approximately 200 miles from Baltimore. While Gase will spend most of his time on the offensive ball with second-year quarterback Sam Darnold, Mosley joins a defense that will be formidable in the middle at all three levels and he will play in front of an emerging secondary star in safety Jamal Adams.

“(Gase) was saying, ‘If you come in here, don’t worry about the offense, we’re going to get that right.’ We got this guy (Adams) right here, so you know he’s going to be right in the secondary,” Mosley said with the former Bayou Bengal within earshot. “But I’m excited. It’s a new era, new uniforms, so it’s time to make some changes.”

The 6’2”, 238-pound Mosley does not just have the ability to be a culture-changer — he also has the potential to be a game-changer. Mosley and Panthers ILB Luke Kuechly are the only two players in the NFL with 500 tackles, eight sacks and eight interceptions since 2014. And going back to 2000, Mosley is only one of three NFL defensive players to have totaled 5+ sacks, 30+ QB hits, 5+ interceptions, 30+ pass defenses, 5+ forced fumbles and 5+ opponent fumble recoveries in any five-year span. Mosley did it twice, in 2013-17 and 2014 through last season.

“A simple way to put it is just controlled chaos,” Mosley said of his relentless style. “I’m kind of direct, making sure I’m doing everything right and getting everybody in the right spot. But when I see the ball and I’m in that mood, it’s time to go eat, it’s time to go hunt.”

A four-time Pro Bowler, Mosley is set to be the lead hunter for defensive coordinator Greg Williams. His address has changed, but No. 57 will remain the signal caller and central in command.

“You’re calling the plays, you’re the Mike, so you’re definitely the quarterback,” Mosley said. “Not to throw any shade or disrespect to players who’ve been here, but when you get paid that kind of money and get put on that kind of pedestal, you kind of know what position you wear.

“Lucky for me, I might change teams, I might change cities, but I’m still the same player,” he added. “I’m excited to prove to my new teammates and new staff and new fans that I’m ready to come out here and win.”

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