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55 minutes ago, Vader said:

The one that has Wilson throwing over the middle and on a late developing deep cross to Davis, both requiring pinpoint accuracy. The Davis cross had a safety over top and a CB beneath. The ball could have been caught but it’s not a safe play. It’s too convoluted.

He had a wide open receiver underneath.  But sure, coaches fault.

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4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I'd be happy with a gunslinger if he threw TD's.

Sanchez, Darnold, and now Wilson are gunslingers who don't sling.  They just throw to the other team.  (though of course Darnold is slinging today....FML). 

Some people here hated Favre but FFS he threw a lot of TD's that one year for 11 games.  Fitzpatrick was in a similar category in 2015.  Made those seasons fun, at least for a bit.

Wow, this is just aweful. Hes so screwed up at this point he is missing wide open receivers. It's a little heartbreaking. It's going to be a long season


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3 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Ok so whats the latest paranoid theory about why mims isnt playing

Almost every time  a new coaching staff is hired on any team, said staff decides to pick a player or players to throw in their doghouse to make an example out of. Happens in every sport. Sometimes the players deserve it, sometimes they don't.

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