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4 minutes ago, Dunnie said:


Solid Throwing Base




Give me those things and even if we lose 42-7 ill be happy.

#2 on your list is irrelevant if he achieves the other 4 things. See Mahomes… I say this because the back peddle is an absolute necessity behind this putrid OLine, I want wilson Alive for week 17

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

Lots of confidence in this thread. Betting the house and everyone in it on the Bronquistadors.

I just rated it with 5 stars. Since it’s now a 5 star thread the Jets will blow the Broncos out. It’s a classic trap game for this great Broncos team.

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43 minutes ago, BP said:

The keith byars fumble hurt too. And he never fumbled

That short kickoff in the 3rd quarter that the Broncos recovered.....I remember as the ball was sailing through the air, it looked like the hand of God came out of the clouds to knock it down.

It was like God wasn't paying attention to the game, finally saw what was going on and was like....nah bruh....can't have the Jets in the Superbowl.


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26 minutes ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

I also agree the Jets will win soon. 
Now just to make sure our definitions are in sync: I define “soon” as sometime in the next year. 

Well, then we define "soon" differently. I'm saying the Jets are going to win this week or next. Their roster has not shown what they're capable of, however their abilities won't be secret for much longer....

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1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Very excited to watch this young team improve and grow moving forward.  I think we play a very good game today.  Coach Saleh will have us prepared and Joe D is getting us the right players to make this a championship caliber team in 2023.



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