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Training Camp Tweets - (Previous Days Merged)


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2 hours ago, CanadaSteve said:

Funny how we aren't hearing anything about him, or nobody is talking about him.  I mean, we gave the guy $5 million a year for three years.  

Agree.  I just don't think he's all that interesting with the two draft picks in house.  

I suspect had we not drafted JJ in the 1st and Clemmons wasn't a such a strange bird - we would be talking more about him.

btw.  I love Huff too.

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17 hours ago, Larz said:

Ooof. Becton getting roasted on outside moves again. Lawson ate him alive last summer by getting low. Wonder if that’s his Achilles heel or if it’s rust. We’ll find out in about a week I guess. 

Maybe it's just Lawson's elite level of "almost got to the QB" initial speed?

He's a guy known for getting pressures, but not sacks.  So he's good at getting past O-linemen, but not to the QB as much.

Seems I'd expect that kind of initial-speed DE to do well in padless-no-contact practice vs. a guy whose primary strength is in fact his size and strength and hands.

Plus, Becton was primarily great as a rookie in the run game.  Not the passing game.  So passing D was Bectons weakness as a pro all along.

Here is what I want to see:  Becton, starting, in preseason Game #1.  How many pressures and sacks does he give up then. 

That's what interests me.

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1 hour ago, Mogglez said:

Pretty good.  Today seemed to be up and down.  He only had three or four incomplete passes by the end of practice, however two of them were intercepted.  Multiple TDs in 11 - 11 drills are always nice though.  I’m curious to see who the receiver on the 2nd INT was.  There was a miscommunication with Calvin Jackson on day one of camp that led to a diving pick by Reed and if it was him again, that dude is dangerously close to finding himself in the first round of cuts.  This system is very predicated on communication and knowing where you need to be as a WR.  As we saw with Mims last year, if you can’t get that down, you’re in trouble.

One interesting thing to consider is that in TC LaFleur said they will intentionally call "bad" plays against certain defenses so they learn what to expect if that situation happens in an actual game. From all accounts it seems Wilson is decisive and sharp. Last year at this time even if he was completing a lot of passes they would always say he held the ball too long or made a bad read, We are hearng none of that really.

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1 hour ago, chirorob said:

If it's rust and injury, he can improve and get over it.

If he can't handle speed rushers who can bend the corner, he is a right tackle.

Wasn't it Fant that said moving from LT to RT and vice versa was having to get used to doing everything backwards (I can't remember if it was eating, or wiping your butt that he mentioned.)

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