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****Saturday Playoffs Thread****


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11 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

The 94 Jets quit on Carrol after the spike game. He wasn’t going to recover from that

I can't blame them. That was a one of those clown plays that went down in Jet history, like the butt fumble

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Just now, Saul Goodman said:

 Brock Purdy is far better than Zach Wilson. 

Anyone that watches college football knew this. 

Except Joe Douglas and 30 other General Managers for some reason.  

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16 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

Why would you bring in a vet when Purdy has shown that he can play and play at a high level ?

The 49’ers are going to be good for awhile. 

I’m not saying they should get a vet but with the roster they have the pressure will be on to win one if they don’t this year.

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Brock purdy is being anointed way too fast here.  He plays on a team with a great oline a team with the best D in the league that creates turnovers like crazy, huge play makers like Deebo and mcaffery and kittle, great offensive scheme.

Mike White would look as good as Purdy on this team.

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