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How many wins do the Jets finish with?


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I say 5-6.

Reality is, we need to stop worrying about the draft and getting these guys to feel what it's like to win. 

Take away the few wins we had in 2019, when we'd already tanked, we've won so few football games, whilst being "in play", in the last 4-5 years. Got to get that mentality back.

Looking at rest of schedule, the Eagles, Dolphins and Jags games are my winnable games. Still going to have two 10 draft picks, but if there aren't many studs for what we needs, lets see what Trader Joe gets up to.

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i think 6 is a reasonable number.  as others have said, it will show some good improvement over the year.  something to build on for next season (though i don't believe that kind of stuff carries over).  and it certainly gives the younger players a place to shine.  it's going to be all about who has a job next season from this point out.

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We're never going to beat Philly ever, so forget this week. 

New Orleans has major problems at QB, but they're better than us,  I'll give us a 20% chance to beat them. 

We'll have a shot against Miami and Jax. 

Tampa should crush us.

We'll see if Buffalo even needs the game (though they'll probably beat us, regardless).


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