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1 minute ago, TommyT said:

We are not losing!

That is the mindset!  Let's go.

This defensive line needs to impose their will. This game will be won there. Beginning of the season, touch football training camp, so conditioning is an issue early.  The defensive line rotation is as deep and talented as we have ever seen.

Mistake free football on offense.

Violence on defense.

Win this game.

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The stadium will be loud and pumped to start. I PRAY the Jets show up for 60 minutes. 

 If not, the Ravens will just run a clinic and there’ll be a traffic jam exiting the stadium by halftime.

that said, Let’s Go Jersey-pike Joe and lead the mighty mighty Jets to victory!











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It's only week 1 and the the staff already has plausible excuses as to why they won't win.  Let's face it.   If Allah thinks Flacco is going to give us the best chance of winning it's going to be a long season.  The mere fact that he's even being trotted out there makes me question the coaching staff more.  who, btw, might be meatheads.   I'm willing to overlook last years poor performance on both sides of the ball due to many factors.  This year I won't.  Especially on the defensive side of the ball, where they should be much, much better.  

If the defense does not show up, no way will Flacco be able to carry the team to victory in any way shape or form.


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