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<<<<<<< Jets vs Ravens -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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8 hours ago, Maxman said:

It is game day! A new season, a new attitude, everyone is undefeated today. 

This roster is different. There is talent. They have put in the work. 

The losing ends today.

Is this team different? It is up to them to show us that they are different. The pieces are there, TIME TO SHOCK THE WORLD.  Let's go Jets!!!

The Ravens will find out tomorrow, that bell means hell. This defensive line means BUSINESS!


The wings look good, Max!

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Sit Down Relax GIF by BrownSugarApp

Ahhhhhh the game? Whut?

Its GAMEDAY THREAD Day. This is what the whole year leads to. 

This is where the rubber meets the road, where all the forum sh*t talking, the clap backs, and insults, meet their maker. 

This is truly where people are proven right or wrong. 

...And in the end this is an internet forum.. and THIS is what its alllllll about gentlemen. 

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Joe Flacco should have no gripes with the Ravens. They overpaid him (and hurt the franchise) after their SB win. Plus he knows that Lamar is a lot better Qb than he is and should have easily beaten him out for the starting job in Balt. He should be OK today, the Ravens have injuries and the Jets with so many new young players are kind of an unknown. I just have a hunch that Garrett Wilson will be a big part of our offense today he wasn't featured that much during the pre-season. He will have good yardage plus a touchdown. But Jets prob can't get over the hump with these guys, Ravens 24 Jets 13. Also interesting to see how the secondary does today, it could be a lot improved with the FA signings and Sauce Gardner. But they will have problems covering Lamar all day. 

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Excited to see Lawson finally take the game in a regular season game, especially against what should be an easy matchup in a backup LT. I always felt like he was way more pumped up on here than his production will be but you never know until you see it on the field. 5.5 sacks per year is what he's been so far. He'll probably get 5.5 sacks w1 with the Jets.

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