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8 minutes ago, ausman said:

Most of the folks on here just like to vent.  Don’t know sh*t about football.  It’s annoying all their adolescent comments. 

You have yet to make one single football related point as to why it’s not the QB’s fault.  All you have done is b*tch about people using statistics and gameplay to point out why Zach is bad because it hurts your feelings.

The irony of this post is beyond hysterical.

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3 minutes ago, choon328 said:

Bc starting Wilson is a front office decision that was made not to win but to show that they didn't make the wrong pick.  And it's backfiring on them and they're about to lose the team if they trot this zero out on the field Thursday. 

What are you talking about man. White is hurt and the doctors won’t let him play. What does this have to do with Douglas?

you believe the earth is flat too? 

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