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Hackett to be hired as OC

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2 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

I agree with that but this guy may have been a crappy head coach but was a very successful OC. We could have done much worse.

He’s been a mediocre at best OC who fails when he’s the main play caller and rode Rodgers coattails to a HC gig where he bombed. 

gotta hope Rodgers comes with him this time.

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So, reading this thread has taken me on an emotional football rollercoaster of a journey. I was indifferent, then excited, then kind of let down, to downright disappointed. So I take it he sucks, is a product of being from his dad's nutsack, he has run an offense once successfully and Ashtyn Davis sucks. Got it.

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Just now, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

This is the OC equivalent of firing Pete Caroll and replacing him with Rich Kotite.

Hackett is a freaking clueless milquetoast pushover who had one of the worst offenses in football despite having Russell Wilson.

Maybe as a HC. I think as an OC he was the most qualified guy they interviewed. Who did you want? The relationship with Rodgers is the cherry on top. Jets should be all in on A-Rod. 

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5 minutes ago, talisaynon said:

Lmao if this isn’t the jetsiest thing ever to do. ******* classic

ill see y’all at the end of next year when we’re calling for the jets to fire his ass

one of the posts got it right time is indeed a flat circle LOL

what a stupid ******* move

Excluding Frank Reich, who did you want as OC?

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4 minutes ago, Warfish said:

His Offensive rankings as O-Co or Head Coach:

2013 - BUF - 2nd in Rushing, 28th in Passing - Overall 19th in Yards, 22nd in Points
2014 - BUF - 25th in Rushing, 18th in Passing - Overall 26th in Yards, 18th in Points
2015 - Unemployed
2016 - JAX - 22nd in Rushing, 20th in Passing - Overall 11th in Yards, 25th in Points
2017 - JAX - 1st in Rushing, 17th in Passing - Overall 6th in Yards, 5th in Points
2018 - JAX - 19th in Rushing, 26th in passing - Overall 27th in Yards, 31st in Points
2019 - GB - 15th in Rushing, 17th in Passing - Overall 18th in Yards, 15th in Points
2020 - GB - 8th in Rushing, 9th in Passing - Overall 5th in Yards, 1st in Points
2021 - GB - 18th in Rushing, 8th in Passing - Overall 10th in Yards, 10th in Points
2022 - DEN - 21st in Rushing, 19th in Passing - Overall 21st in Yards, 32nd in Points

Overall, got to admit, not that impressed.  

One good year in JAX (2017, on the back of Leonard Fornette and Chris Ivory).

Two good years in GB (2020 & 2021, on the back of HOF'er QB Aaron Rodgers).

His overall rankings (especially scoring offense) are mostly in the bottom half on the NFL, not the top, with the exceptions of those good years.

Without Rodgers or an equivalent at QB, I don't see this as a good hire.

Also, has Hackett ever "developed" a QB?  Sure doesn't look like it.  So not great for Z. Wilson...

Not to mention LaFleur was really running the offense and calling the plays in GB

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In all seriousness it would be hilarious if he was hired again to lure in Aaron Rodgers only to end up stuck with another Wilson.

He was the running joke of the league last year so of course the Jets get in on that action.

I think Rodgers is probably happening though, all signs point to it and it makes sense given how desperate everyone in the building is. Two first rounders to try and ensure a playoff place for maybe two or three years is not the move a GM thinking long term makes. 

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