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JetNation 2023 Mock Draft - Selections

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With the 93rd Selection in the Jetsnation mock draft, the 3 time and current World Champion, Kansas City Chiefs select -

Sydney Brown, S, Illinois

A physical safety who is limited by a lack of fluidity in space. Brown has straight-line speed and is very effective mapping his transit to the ball-carrier near the line of scrimmage. However, his missed tackles are concerning considering the position he plays. He competes hard in man coverage, using everything at his disposal to prevent tight ends from making plays, but above average pass-catchers could be too much for him to handle as a pro. Brown will need to prove he can win in the box and shine on special teams to stick around in the league.
  • Compact frame with a densely built lower half.
  • Posted 10 career interceptions, with six in 2022.
  • Uses force to slow tight end’s route release.
  • Exploits the crevices as run defender in the box.
  • Steps downhill to create a firm edge against an outside run.
  • Plays with solid anticipation and build-up speed.

@Maynard13 is up and @choon328 is on deck


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With the 97th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select:


HB Devon Achane, Texas A&M


@IndianaJet is OTC

@nj meadowlands is on deck


Devon Achane Draft Profile

College: Texas A&M
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185


Achane is a track star as well, and that speed translates to the football field. He's one of the fastest players in this draft, both with his long speed and in his ability to accelerate and get to that top speed. 

He became a more complete player over the past two years, and a more complete runner, showing improved vision, patience and creativity in creating between the tackles. He has the stop-start ability to pick his way through traffic. In the open field, he has home-run speed and then some — he'll destroy pursuit angles up the sideline, and in the middle of the field, he'll often outrun defenders to the pylon. 

The Aggies had an expanded passing-game role for him last season, and he looked increasingly comfortable as a pass-catcher as the season progressed. He's undersized, but he was efficient while handling a much bigger workload as a junior following the departure of Isaiah Spiller to the NFL. Achane brings value as a kick returner as well, with kickoff return TDs each of the past two seasons.


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@IndianaJet missed his pick

Browns need a lot of things but DT is a big one.  So with the 98th pick of the draft, the Cleveland Browns select Adetomiwa Adebawore DL,  Northwestern.  He's  best as IDL, where he executes a very good inside pass rush, but he can play outside as a 5T.  Versatile and a good fit inside to go with Miles Garrett or Okoronkwo.  Also, I have no idea why he is ranked 403 on our sheet.  He's ranked much higher everywhere else.  Like in the top 100!


@nj meadowlands otc for SFO
@King P on deck for LV

then @nj meadowlands for another two in a row for SFO

I believe one of thos picks is the Robert Saleh comp pick to SFO.  


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