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13 minutes ago, Warfish said:

Shame on JN that the top three threads right now, with the 2023 season looming, are:

1. Disappointing Season Ahead Expectations are For Losers Thread,

2. Zach Sucks and That's a Fact (Not it Isn't, Yes it Is, No It Isn't, Yes It Is.....) MegaThread

3. Postmortem of Adm F'ing Gase.  ADAM F'ING GASE, IN 2023!!!!!

Is THAT the best of what we have to talk about, looking at the 2023 season a few scant weeks away?  That poop?


Can we get some good thread starters to start some gudthreads please? 

And maybe we all should exert some self control (myself more than included) and skip threads about Zach Wilson in 2025 before we even start the 2023 season.....

If I'M saying we need a more positive vibe, that should tell you something.


It's all started by one poster who keeps changing his screen name... 

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Just now, jamesr said:

"The Jets Superbowl 2023 rings really suck, don't you think?" :D  

Just wait and if the football gods bless us with a home playoff game all we will here is complaints about the cost of the tickets, the stadium sucks and woody is horrible,

no mention that it would be the first home game in 21 years

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8 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

And "shameful" JN thread #4: the Jets fans here suck!


My own participation int he Zach thread does suck.  No way I should have let myself get dragged into that poop now.  

Hence my "Me more than included" comment in the OP, I'm as part of the problem as anyone.  Drowning in minutia argument, missing the forest of a potential great, fun season for the tree that is Zach Wilson's future, or if having expectations and optimism is a bad thing (it isn't).

We have so much to be excited about, to look forward to seeing come opening day.  Will it all be roses, likely not, but there is more than enough to chat about about NOW that we really shouldn't waste our collective breath on "Zach's role in 2028" threads (IMO, always IMO).

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11 minutes ago, Lith said:

There are those on this site that remind me of my mother-in-law.  Not happy unless they are complaining about something.  And never admit if they are wrong.

My brother in laws mom is notoriously negative and always harping on her husband. A few years ago he famously complained to her that she makes him feel like he’s always wrong.  Her reply;

you’re not always wrong 



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37 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Positive Vibes Only

Not necessarily.  While more threads with optimism/positive/excited topics are certainly warranted, chat about the O-line group and it's current status is 100% valid, and it's about now, today, not what Becton will be doing in 2028.

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Just now, slimjasi said:

My personal theory for the past few years has been that the 2020 season destroyed this place and we are living in a post-apocalyptic world of JN psychosis. 

Agree and this off season has been so much waiting.  Waiting for the Rodgers trade and contact, Cook, Hall and Brown etc etc. now the last 3 weeks is going to feel like a year 

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36 minutes ago, Wit said:

Most Jets fans are Mets fans. Also, see the nets. Im a yankees fan so I have at least felt winning for a time. Its tough to believe. 

That is a massive overstatement. Maybe if you're from Queens. I don't know many Jets/Mets fan here in Jersey. I know plenty of Jets/Yankee fans. I even know a Jets/Red Sox fan:)

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