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^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

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Yay a strong safety to replace our other first round pick strong safety. **** you Jets 

Macc is confident the guy he wanted at 70 will be there at 79 because no one else in the league would consider drafting him that early. 

Dude, seriously....the second best player in the entire draft fell to us. It's a good pick.  This team isn't being fixed in one year.  You need solid picks.  This is one. 

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Just now, Sarge4Tide said:

We're on the clock with 1 pick still to be announced .....my Wish List

  1. D Cook RB
  2. F Lamp OL
  3. C Awuzie CB
  4. Q Wilson CB
  5. C Samuel WR
  6. C Godwin WR
  7. P Elfien C
  8. C Tankersley CB
  9. A Kamara RB
  10. D Kizer QB
  11. T Williams OLB
  12. D Feeney OL 
  13. JJ SmIth Schuster WR
  14. Rekown McMillan LB 
  15. Zach Cunningham LB

Take Cook NOW - in 3rd take TE Everett and trade back with other 3rd. 

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FWIW, Francessa said earlier that more off-field stuff on Cook has come out recently that has him off of more draft boards than Joe Mixon right now.

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Just now, jetspenguin said:

jets will take lamp...I want cook...always have, never thought he'd be there in the 2nd for us.

i promise not to bitch about taking either Lamp or Cook..but in Jetsy fashion the pick will probably be someone we never heard of lol

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