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Bridgewater & 6th Rounder traded to Saints for a 3rd Rounder

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For all the cock-sucking that Costello, Manish, and Hughes have done for the organization this summer, none of them got within a mile of an advance on this story. 

Live footage of Darnold on the bus:

Im also happy Teddy landed in a nice spot for Teddy. Wish that dude the best. Been through a lot.

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Just now, ASH1962 said:

Yes you could have, but considering it is us, a 3rd is ok. You telling me Sam Bradford is better than Teddy? Phl got a #1 for the always injured stiff who is playing god knows where this season, and all we could garner was a 3rd? This is why I think we did this too soon. Devil's advocate would say what if no other QB gets hurt, we get nothing. To that I do agree, still have an empty feeling..

god you are such a negative nelly.  


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3 minutes ago, thshadow said:

If it's "another element" that's not announced yet - it seems like it has to be another player (who hasn't been told yet).


If they have an abundance of olineman in camp and we picked up a depth guy that would be good.  Maybe they have a vet making $ and want to smooth the cap by giving back some cap dollars? one can only wish.

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29 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

YES perfect landing spot for TBW, him and Sean Payton will continue to dominate offensively for 10+ years after Brees retires.

Yup. I like Brees and Bridgewater. They are good guys. Bridgewater can continue building strength in his knee. Brees can hand him the reigns.

Great outcome. Getting picks to replace what we traded for Sam is awesome too.

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17 minutes ago, Paradis said:

for a 3rd?! Take that and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun 

Manish Mehta @MMehtaNYDN 16m16 minutes ago

A part of the Jets-Saints trade for Teddy Bridgewater includes NYJ getting a third-round pick, per sources. There is another element to the deal though.


??  Could it be Jets get an additional pick if Saints resign TB as Brees eventual replacement?  

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