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Now Here's a Plan! (but not necessarily a very good one)


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Check this draft out. I would sign up for this haul in a heartbeat!

New York Jets 7-Round NFL Mock Draft

Check out the official team mock draft for the New York Jets


Round 1, Pick 8: Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida

*Projected trade with Carolina:

Panthers receive 2nd pick

Jets receive 8th pick, 39th pick, 104th pick.

The New York Jets recently drafted a quarterback in Sam Darnold and he has shown promise. They do not need to take another one right now, if there is no guaranteed upgrade. A trade back provides the Jets with additional picks and more players to build this roster. Kyle Pitts will be huge for Darnold’s development. New offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur is coming from a Kyle Shannahan system that heavily utilizes the tight end position. Chris Herndon will not be enough for that system. Kyle Pitts is an elite pass-catcher and athlete for the position. He is an automatic mismatch in the league. No opponent has yet to find a way to cover this nimble, agile, target, nor have they been able to contain him. Pitts will offer Darnold a true number one option in the passing game.

Round 1, Pick 23: Spencer Brown, Offensive Tackle, Northern Iowa

*Via trade with Seattle

The Jets had a lot of success with last year's first-round pick Mekhi Becton. Grabbing another huge tackle with developmental ability would be outstanding for them. With this pick, they are protecting Darnold with the necessary up front presence required in order for him to succeed. While Saleh will have his work cut out for himself trying to improve the defense, he will need to upgrade the offensive line to maximize Darnold.

The mammoth Brown is a huge tackle prospect (6-foot-9, 320 pounds), who is new to the position and still developing. He has a frame that can carry more weight, which will make him even scarier. Having Brown and Becton first off the bus is a scary sight to see for opposing teams.

Round 2, Pick 34: Javonte Williams, Running back, North Carolina

Another pick, another offensive prospect. The goal here is really to fix up this offense and the first three picks surely help you do that. Javonte Williams might be the best running back in this draft class and nabbing him early in round two would be excellent value. He can come in immediately and be a three-down back for you. He also gives more in the passing game than any running back currently on the roster. If the Jets can get a solid running back, their offense could take a whole new form as a very balanced attack. The current options at running back are not good enough to create balance in this offense but Williams’ excellent vision and contact balance, along with his tremendous abilities in the passing game are enough.

Round 2, Pick 39: Greg Newsome II, Cornerback, Northwestern

*Via projected Panthers trade

Finally, the Jets get a defender here. Newsome II is one of the most underrated cornerback prospects in this year's draft. Part of a tremendous secondary at Northwestern, Newsome locked down some of the nation's best receivers. Expect his name to be called about in this area, as the fit with Saleh would work beautifully. Newsome could come in immediately and start for the Jets, who desperately need depth in the secondary.

Round 3, Pick 66: Dayo Odeyingbo, Edge, Vanderbilt

There is a strong chance that Dayo Odeyingbo might be gone before this selection, however, he is coming off an injury, so it could happen. Odeyingbo is a tremendously long and gifted defensive lineman, who uses his excellent length to control offensive linemen. The best thing about his game is the versatility to rush inside on obvious pass downs, which often times allows for another rusher on the field. Saleh did this a lot in San Francisco and Odeyingbo would be perfect for them here.

Round 3, Pick 87: Rashad Weaver, Edge, Pittsburgh

*Via trade with Seattle

If the Jets can get Weaver and Odeyingbo, they will have two of the most underrated edge rushers in this year’s draft. This would be crucial for their defense. The edge class is not top-heavy but it has some mid-draft steals. The Jets could capitalize on that and get some serious production from their day two selections.

Round 4, Pick 98: Kary Vincent Jr., Cornerback, LSU

With his size and resume, Vincent best projects as a top nickelback prospect at the next level. Unfortunately, his draft value is likely to take a hit due to his lack of size and limited role. In the slot, Vincent is quick and physical enough to match up with all comers. This would be another outstanding piece on the defense for Saleh to implement.

Round 4, Pick 104: Jimmy Morrissey, Interior offensive line, Pittsburgh

*Via projected Panthers trade

The Jets go out and catch their second Pitt Panther in Morrissey, who owns versatility on the interior of the offensive line. Morrissey can play center or guard and is capable of contributing immediately. Morrissey is very underrated but is a smart football player with excellent balance. He plays well with leverage and can create power in tight spaces. This would be a high value grab for the Jets.

Round 5, Pick 130: Monty Rice, Linebacker, Georgia

One of the more intriguing prospects in this draft is Rice, who Monty Rice demonstrates great range as a linebacker but is slightly slow to react. If he can develop his decision-making skills, this pick would be full of upside. He still translates as a solid special teams’ player and back up, if he cannot develop fully.

Round 5, Pick 138: Jaelon Darden, Wide receiver, Northern Texas

*Via New York Giants

New Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur is going to want some speed to work with on that offense and Darden fits the mold. The Jets could also lose Jamison Crowder to free agency and a slot option such as Darden would be crucial. Darden is an electric player that just needs to get the ball in his hands.

Round 6, Pick 162: Mark Webb, Safety, Georgia

A former receiver, Webb is new to his position on the secondary. He is big and physical, which translates well to the safety position in the league. The Jets will need to develop him, if they want him to be a contributor on their defense but this selection is being used primarily to fill a special teams void. Webb should be able to make an immediate impact in that facet.

Round 7 pick 215: Tamorrion Terry, Wide receiver, Florida State

*Via trade with Seattle

Believe the hype! Once a promising prospect, Terry endured some lean years in Tallhassee. At times, he has flashed the size, athleticism and skill-set of a first round pick. However, this past season, he went nearly off the NFL radar entirely. This is an exceptional late-round pick who oozes potential.

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Brown is an interesting prospect but #23 is way too high.

The value of the trade with CAR is way too low.  Add a 1st round pick from 2022 and maybe we're in the right area code.

That's my opening reaction.  Not sure I want to go deeper.


nfl.com has released a few mocks.  Those might be worth a look but I didn't love them either.

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21 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

You know the directions by heart. :D

Actually I grew up in Manhattan so yeah. I did my internship for social work at Bellevue Men's shelter.  The hospital has some of the best doctors in NY. But the shelter is possibly the worst shelter in US. Just disgusting.  Was sent there with a fellow female student. She walked in and walked right out.  The shelter is over 150 years old maybe older. It should just be torn down. But capitalism. Its a doggie dog world.

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7 minutes ago, Jethead said:

No wasted pick on a QB. Trade down for more picks. Pitts, Brown and Williams are all legit talents on the offensive side of the ball. Way more right than wrong here.

Spencer Brown is somewhere between the 12th and 20th ranked OT on the board across most sites.  Whoever put this draft together has a hankering for him, which is fine, but taking him at #23 when he should realistically be available with #66 or even later is insane.  Love the player, hate the pick.

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1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

You know the directions by heart. :D

Hah. My dad was the warden of Bellevue Prison in the mid '70's. To say the least, those "go to work with your Dad" days were a little different for me. I was a teenager at the time. Certainly was an eye opener for me. I can't remember if they had a ward for Jet fans.

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If the play is trade back, then you come out of R1 with a #1 WR, an OT, and a rookie QB to compete with Sam or take his job. You should be able to do this with 3 firsts. Knock yourself out with edge, corner, and weaponz thru the rest of the draft. 

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