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Colon check?

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3 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

More of a Center than a Guard, but can play both. Sounds like a nice depth piece.

Jets have replaced their recent depth losses on the interior OL, but still need a starting pivot - we may be looking to the draft for that.

Spot on.

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Trystan Colon formerly Colon-Castillo is another "depth plus" piece like Wes S

both are far better than Dan Feeney but not really an official starter

in the past, Colon-Castillo played for BAL when Bradley Bozeman was injured

the Ravens drafted Linda Baum so Colon doesn't really have a pathway to start there anymore

He's started about 20 games total,  4 games at center 

Wes S has way more experience, Trystan Colon is 24, 5 years younger

they are both strong in the run game, OK in the pass protection

I think between the two of these guys they aren't going to take a center in rd 2. One of Colon or Schweitzer will start 

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3 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

Joe d once again dumpster diving for the o line


Having a lot of depth might be better. He's probably going to draft for OL early, so he isn't going to sign bigger names.

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