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Jets New Uniforms: MERGED ***Leak Date 4/3/19***


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Just now, Tyler Durden said:

Taken bets how long it takes for jets to go back to Namath era unis 

I think you'll see them start to wear the 80's throwback and it will gradually morph into the full time uniform like it did with the Rams. But the minimum is 5 years before you can totally change again. Jacksonville already trashed their mistake and Cleveland is next season.

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7 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

I’m not. It’s all about money. This team doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about the fans. It shows in all of their actions and why we have become a punching bag. Great for revenue, terrible for fans. 

The concept of new unis in the first place is like one of your typical, yearly cyclical AAA video games.

Just a fresh new re-texture of the same old sh*t.

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20 minutes ago, neckdemon said:

Dude you lose all manly ability to call anyone gay after you post selfies on a forum full of dudes wearing jerseys and pointing a shotgun. Seriously a selfie with your boyfriends shlong in your mouth would've been less gay

You are so stupid, those are avatars used to respond to Scott go back and read, YFM.IMG_0464.thumb.JPG.11f47a9b8c0e0dc1c201fd6f6bf11789.JPG

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