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Marcus Maye: Free Safety. 4 Career INTs: Where are all of his game changing plays as a Free Safety?!?

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1 hour ago, Lizard King said:

Seeing DWC back right now makes me think I am hallucinating from Wuhan virus

You know, I'm starting to think DWC is the hero this board needs right now.  The virus is a bit of an existential crisis.  DWC represents a tangible person against whom all of JN can direct its vitriol in a true show of unity and singular focus.

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.  DWC might be both.

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1 hour ago, JTJet said:

Jamal Adams begs for attention, constantly. Even considering his production, believes he should be paid as the top of his position. Cries when rumors start about him being traded, and no matter how he portrays himself, puts himself before the team. 

... Marcus Maye does none of that.  

So if Jamal wants to act that way, he gets held to a higher standard, regardless of stats. 

It really is that simple. 


Preach GIF


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2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Even Marcus Maye is overrated here.  Eddie Jackson, Marcus Williams, Budda Baker (240 solo tackles, 18 TFLs + All-Pro for Special Teams)  and Desmond King are all Safeties from that 2017 draft class that have had better careers thus far, and all but Baker were available to us at 2.39.  

It's just that he was a 2nd round pick and isn't demanding an $18-20M per year extension.  So his version of being overrated is much more palatable.  

Had we taken Deshaun Watson in round 1 and Marcus Maye in round 2, we'd be more than happy with the results to date.  Then again, Macc would still be our GM, so.....

I think MM was actually thought to be a near bust until a year and a half ago or so when he was hurt all the time and now we are all happy he is actually playing at a reasonably good level.   

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50 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

The president of the Jamal Adams fanclub criticizing another safety for not getting enough interceptions?!??

Nope. I didn't. 

I was actually mocking Jet fans and pretending and acting like clueless  Jamal Adam critics while giving Marcus Maye the... "Jamal Adams treatment". 

But no, I was not really attacking Marcus Maye (I think he's awesome) but yes, I was mocking fans like you... 🤣

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23 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Just out of curiosity....what could we get if we packaged both Adams and Maye in a trade deal?  Is there a team that would see an instant Safety pair as a big jump for their Secondary?

Just send them this and they'll be sure to jump on that opportunity.  



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5 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

I'm just having fun man. Feel free to lock this entire thread as I was being sarcastic. Thanks. 

you weren't just having fun, and when u saw all the down votes you went into defense mode..lol...just being sarcastic...just stop posting.


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 Sorry DWC..but at one point I actually thought you had a decent opinion and knew what you were talking about.

I was dead wrong.

You have now proven to be a humongous throbbing D nozzle!!!!

 I hope you don't have any children or pets.. cuz boy oh boy are you the most humongous and super D-nozzliest!

Like its not even close....you win!!!

Over everyone...ever.

It's just you..

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