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Crowder Downgraded to Out


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So that I understand which who exactly is going to be starting on offense:

RB:  Gore, Ballage (just signed)

WR:  Perriman, Berrios, Hogan

TE:  Herndon, Griffin

This just might be the weakest offense an NFL team has ever put on the field.  It is inexcusable.  10+ years without any attention to the offense.  Get down 10 points and the game is over.  Totally unwatchable.  Nice way to destroy yet another young quarterback.  Just thankful they refunded my season ticket money this year.  Organization it a total freaking disgrace.  Having said that I will be throwing a world class tailgate in my backyard.  If the team were as committed as its fans we'd be in much better shape.  Cheers!   








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13 minutes ago, Dcat said:

this is worse than last year.

Beyond the injuries,  too many years of this team being a colossal sh!!t-show.

We deserve better as fans.

The ownership of this team should be ashamed and embarrassed.

They are the problem and the reason for our misery.

Again, it doesn't matter what the fans, media and everyone else feels, the Johnsons are raking in money either/or.

Until that changes, nothing will change with this team.

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When your team is garbage and you have no faith in the coach and are sick of losing, these nagging injuries somehow always get worse enough to miss games.  Funny how that works.  Not saying that's the case for Crowder, but that's one explanation for a team that seems to always be hit with their fair share of injuries.  Motivation is ALWAYS a factor on bad teams, no way around it.

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