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Estimate Zach Wilson's height

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This is all kinda irrelevant. 

Let’s say Mike Glennon is 6’4”

His head and neck are about 24”.

Average head and neck size is probably 18”. 

Making his shoulder height 6” shorter than a typical 6’ 4” guy. He would have shoulder height of a guy much shorter, with a normal sized head and neck - subsequently giving him a smaller frame.


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6'3 but will probably officially measure in just under 6'3. Doesn't really matter. I don't think anyone viewed him as a 'big' QB or a particularly 'short' QB and he won't measure out to be in either category. We know he is slender but has the frame to put on more muscle mass and weight. We know he has a cannon and enough athleticism, speed and pocket awareness to be a threat to take off and run. Whether he is 6'1 or 6'3 doesn't matter.  

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42 minutes ago, rayzor said:

He's most likely 6'3" after rounding up 6'2.5"+.  Can't really lie these days with the combine and pro days.  Besides, it's not his height that is the concern.  He's a bit too thin to absorb hits.

Darnold Measured in at 6-3 3/8 221lb at the combine. Wilson says he is currently 216 pounds. Colin Cowherd glowed about how big and thick Darnold was yet now says Wilson is small. Currently 5 pound difference.

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