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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

Not hard at all.  He keeps playing like this, he's the guy.   Bring in Minshew to be his backup.

No doubt in my mind this would happen because he did this with much less talent around him last year. And while people point out the Bills game he still had 250 yards vs the Bills and the Jets Offense fumbled that game away early. Only guy who had more yards vs the Bills last year I believe was Pat Mahomes. 

This Coaching staff knew White was the better QB all along but they gave Zach every chance to do something and he simply sh*t the bed. They even kept white out in favor of Flacco because they knew they would have a huge QB controversy if they played White the first 4 games. 

Its sad Zach had this big of a hold on this franchise due to draft status and so called Ceiling a word I never want to hear again. You're either a football player or you're not its that simple.

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Obviously a lot more ball to and I understand this is the Bears but you have to wonder, is Mike White just a gamer, like someone who is unimpressive in practice but turns it on when it's real?  Like, how did the play Flacco over him?  So frustrating.  Been my biggest w/ this regime by far is the handling of the QB position but however confusing those decisions have been, hopefully White continues the play in the second half the rest of the season. 

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Just now, Spoot-Face said:

My biggest concern with him that I thought was holding him back was arm strength, and so far today, my concern has been alleviated.

He might be a more complete QB than I previously had thought.

The threat to take off and run would complement his game...

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Just now, T0mShane said:

NOPE. You can work your way back, but you’re on parole for one week, subject to review. Mike White. 

You need to change your signature to say "Mike White".  And then put "Mike White" at the bottom of every post, too.  

Might as well change your username too while you're at it.

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