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Just now, Mogglez said:

Quinnen Williams should walk into JDs office tomorrow just to tell him “Today’s price is not yesterday’s price.”

someone on this board has been calling him the DPOY for a while, because, well, look 

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The injury to Q really couldn’t have come at a much worse time. 

Our D is predicated on getting pressure with the 4 d-linemen and maximizing coverage. 

Q was a big part of that constantly drawing double teams. 

Without the need to double someone, the oline’s job is so much easier. 

Add the fact that the Lions oline is one of the best in the league…it’s a recipe for trouble.  

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

There is no offensive system that is built on “rollouts.” 

No, of course not.

But if he's just playing so poorly, you should still try and win the game - the way you win games is to do thing to help your QB.  If he can't do what you want him to do - then adapt.  

Zach has to be the QB right now, Mike White isn't available.  If you want to win - you have to put your system on the shelf for now.

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