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BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

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On 1/9/2019 at 10:58 PM, johnnysd said:

I wanted Monken...I thought he gave us everything we needed.

I also thought Gase was either the worst or second to worst option (over McCarthy, who would have been awful)

So i sort of hate the hire and feel pretty mad.

However, there is a chance he just becomes a great HC. If Gase and Darnold just mesh like Belichick and Brady/ Peyton and Brees then maybe we have something.

He must have really impressed because the Jets had to know the fans would hate this pick. Manning loves him. Maybe Manning becomes an unofficial coach and mentor to Sam because of this?

His run at Miami was weird but Ross is a horrible owner. Gil Brandt says absentee owners destroy teams just because they are absentee, so maybe that was a factor. His QB situation was so bad maybe he could never run his vision of the defense.

i know I hate it, but I will root for him to succeed.

If I was laying odds, I would say Mac and Gase both being fired in 2 years is a much better bet than Gase succeeding but who knows?



Wasn't far off in my thoughts, though who could have thought Gase would push Mac out so fast.

I was in Denver when this was announced actually shopping for a jacket at Burlington Coat factory. At the time (live in San Diego), I did not own a jacket and it was like -5 or something and snowing. I didn't actually buy one, they were too expensive and decided to just freeze my ass for 2 more days. When I got back in the car I looked at my phone and just groaned, and my rep said to me "don't complain now, we just drove you to the coat factory" and I said "no the Jets just hired the worst possible guy for HC" 

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On 1/9/2019 at 7:57 PM, TnT said:

He removed some popular cancers in that Dolphins locker room...maybe one too many.  I thought the Dolphins overachieved based on their roster the past 2 yrs. 

Keep him away from roster control.

Hopefully he doesn’t become the dominant alpha male in the front office...that seems to be his problem.


Decent Head Coach, hate that he is from the Dolphins.


an optimistic viewpoint and not even a glaring endorsement...over a year later this deserves a laugh?

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I like how many voices (some more prominently than others) saw ruining Tannehill as indicative of nothing because he was a bust like Geno Smith (hopeless and nobody could’ve gotten good play out of Tannehill, so therefore Gase should be blameless).

BUT being promoted to OC of the already-#1 offense even before the multiple player improvement swaps, and then having the numbers then improve, definitively meant Gase was an offensive guru and a very qualified HC for the Jets.

Some fans will rationalize anything the team does. Use of the term Stockholm Syndrome should just be officially replaced with Jets Fan Syndrome. 

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12 hours ago, Ruby2 said:

The funnier part of this thread is that people were actually upset we didn’t go with McCarthy. It’s like no one had watched him coach for 10 years lmao.

To be fair to the McCarthyites (lol) of which I was one -- the other options had evaporated at that point. McCarthy would've likely been less-awful than Gase, not that that is an endorsement.

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