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Thank You, Tom Brady

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As much as I dislike you as a Jets fan, I always relished our lads going up against you.

We had that Rex '09-'10 two-year window of getting the better of you a bit, and how sweet it was. Those in attendance '09 week 2 describe how Jets Stadium was literally shaking it was so loud (defintely noisy).

In '10 I had the privilege to drive round trip NYC to Gillette on MNF, only to be humiliated by you and the evil Pats, 45-3. Great little stadium almost like a big arena, cordial enough fans. Most of us sensed that tho we lost the battle that night, the war was far from over. That's what I told the Pats fans. And so it was in that following playoff run. My toes nearly froze off at frigid Heinz Field in the AFC Championship. What a heartbreaking loss that was.)

Thanks Tommy for doing it with great class and dignity. Unlike you sore-loser head coach, you conducted yourself with great class and dignity win or lose. Was always struck by that classiness. Whereas BB is the biggest sore loser I ever saw. The whole Tom Shady thing is stupid - he got caught deflating footballs, big deal.

On a personal note, thank you for enriching my coffers $ doing business with you. Cool you got a kick out of my Raiders-Jets game experience as a Jets fan attending in Oakland ... how let's say how 'passionate' those fans are. 

Otherwise nothing has changed: when the Jets face you again, the hope is we knock your block off.

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