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Ozark Mafia - Sign Ups

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Marty and Wendy were a typical Chicago family with two kids until they got involved with a Mexican drug cartel. Things went south in Chicago and they were forced to relocate to the Ozarks to launder money for the cartel. That’s when things get interesting. 



Going to need at least 16 (no max) to run this one so I'm getting the sign up out there now. Hoping to start early next week. This is my first time modding a game so I expect all you miscreants to show some love and get in this sh*t. Pac is helping me out with the structure. If you haven't watched the series I highly recommend it. It's an easy binge. 

  1. JetFan80
  2. Arsis
  3. Losmeister
  4. BallinPB
  5. Crusher
  6. JC
  7. GATA
  8. Lizzy
  9. Ape
  10. Stark
  11. jvill
  12. JETS
  13. Freestater
  14. Smash
  15. Drums
  16. CTM
  17. Scorpion Woman
  18. JiF
  19. SMC
  20. kdels

Sign ups closing at 12 noon on Monday 06/22.

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Just now, Barry McCockinner said:

? my wife and I say this and variations of it to each other all the time now. 

love Ruth

She's grade A television.  Legit, they've found new ways of using **** with Ruth that I never thought were imaginable. 

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So many good ones but I really like "shut your f nugget mouth and get out".  "Let me say this as respectfully as I possibly can, would you please kindly gfy and leave me alone, thank you" is probably the more applicable for our mafia community.  

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