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13 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

meh - this guy may have ulterior motives here but people often use that phrase loosely. I wouldn't read too much into it.

sure, our building's package delivery guy calls me brother... but he doesn't add the I love you comment (as much as his son).



"Tua, my brother. I love you," Omalu said. "I love you as much as I love my son. 

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Amazing how these athletes get the kind of attention, money, recognition, and thousands of our Vets who have dealt with way worse head injuries than Tua’s (not saying Tua’s wasnt bad) get less money and are usually just forgotten about and left to deal with life after service not knowing why they are the way they are. 22 a day, TBI’s down the road can turn you sideways psychologically. Sorry for the rant. 

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2 hours ago, chirorob said:

Has he ever met Tua?  Diagnosed him?  Run 1 diagnostic  test?

Or is he just posturing for publicity?

So I guess if Peyton Manning saw someone throw a football in a video he would be way off base to tell him how to use better technique. This guy is a star and his main goal has been to help people. Thinking otherwise is being ignorant of who that guy is.

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50 minutes ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

No it’s not, his body his choice 

lol, this is dopey … the only entity that can stop him from playing against his will is the NFL, in a scenario where he cannot get cleared of concussion protocol 

everything else is just opinions and such, like I said already 

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The concern could be if he suffered a significant brain injury, is he truly capable of making that rationale decision.

watching the initial hit and then when his hands contorted, his family should be involved in the decisions he makes.

he truly might need guidance

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58 minutes ago, static14 said:

An actual equivalent would be "Do you want to go skydiving with a chute that's failed to open twice, but we think it's fine now?" or "Wanna climb Everest with these ropes that have snapped twice this week?"

No, none of these similes that you guys are using are equivalent.

Equipment failure and brain damage are not the same. Lol

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2 hours ago, slats said:

If Tua did have a brain injury on Sunday, and then took that hit on Thursday, it doesn’t really take a brain surgeon to come to the conclusion that his head might be pretty permanently ****ed up right now. 

True but from what I am hearing is that this issue is extreme.

Say Player A gets two concussions. He gets one 1 in game 1 and then a second game 10

Player B, let's call him Tua, get a concussion in Game 3 and then gets a second 4 days later

The damage to the brain is an order of magnitude worse (10x) than Player A

Dr Chou says the rule of thumb is 1st concussion 1 week 2nd 4 weeks 3rd season but he got them 4 days apart.

Disclaimer: not posting as an expert and above information is ancecdotal from some doctors I have heard but it seems to make sense


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